Dr. Christina Van Braz is a post-doctoral researcher. As a member of the Human/HCI Side of Cyber Physical Systems, she is involved in the research of security usability of products, systems and services. She also holds an Information Security Advisory position in the Research & Development, Information Security & Control division at Scotiabank in Toronto, Canada by designing, researching and evaluating emerging and breakthrough security technologies to globally support business and product innovation.

Christina’s works in progress is composed of the following: A Cognitive Model of User Authentication, Incorporating Metrics into Task Models for Inspecting the Usability of Access Control Services, and Incorporating Usable Security in the Design and Requirements Phase.

As a researcher and an industry expert in HCI aspects of security and in particular usable security, Christina has been delivering useful and easy-to-use products that address business, user, and system requirements through user experience design. This means designing, developing, documenting, prototyping, and testing user experience/user interface for mobile, Web and native applications. Her research focuses on computer security (user authentication, cyber security, etc.) of applications, systems and services that are both secure and usable. Other research interests include mobile computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, transhumanism, and process control.

Some of Christina’s prominent projects are the Usable Security Symmetry: A usable security inspection method, GlancePass: A usable, single-factor, and yet strong biometric authentication method, AuthenLink, a user authentication system to automatically authenticate mobile users through an implantable RFID chip, MobiTicket: A mobile SMS-based auction application for selling concert tickets through mobile devices. Her professional experience spans a variety of industries and roles by designing, prototyping and testing desktop, Web and mobile applications for Scotiabank, Citibank, Symantec, RSA Security, VeriSign (EMC), Intel Education, and Bell Canada.

Some of her main publications related to work being done by the team on HCI/Human Side of Cyber Physical Systems include:

  • Christina Braz, Ahmed Seffah and Bilal Syed Naqvi. Francis and Taylor/CRC Press (Under Final Revision. To appeared in 2018).
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