The UXModeler project aims to revolutionize the role of users in the age of social media and easy knowledge access in order to understand user experiences. UXModeler is a social-media based platform which provides a meaningful way for capturing, modeling and evaluating user experiences and stories while they are interacting with the software system. The interaction might happen during different stages of development, testing or use life cycle.
UXModeler can be used effectively to understand what various clusters of people experience during interacting with a software system. It also facilitates qualitative and quantitative research study of different aspects of user experiences regarding feelings, perceptions, motivations, and learning. It is also a useful tool for describing and capturing user’s need.
UXModeler helps us to capture the software developer’s and designer’s experiences as well. These experiences include all quality attributes of their interaction with various software development or software design tools. It is also able to arrange an Internet-based(remote) testing environment for performing usability tests.