Wilson Goudalo, Research Eng., MBA, Ph.D Post-doctoral researcher on HCI and Human-Centric Software Engineering Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland Dr. Wilson Goudalo is a post-doctoral researcher. As a member of the Human/HCI Side of Cyber Physical Systems, he is involved in the research on security advanced engineering, based on user experience approaches in enterprise information systems

Wilson earned a PhD from University of Valenciennes (France). Wilson first working experience is in Russia. He was research engineer in mathematics and their applications to computer science. He specialized in security engineering. Wilson works on various initiatives in the digital economy that position information sciences and digital services in the socio-economic development, in sustainable development, in corporate governance and in the development of being. Wilson is an industry professional with more than 10 years’ experience in banking and finance, in particular where he has actively contributed and directed strategic projects of banking innovation, digital transformation and multi-referential compliance.  Wilson worked in France and Canada.

Wilson’s research focuses on advanced engineering approaches to enterprise information systems that solve security, usability, and resilience issues together, within elaboration of design patterns for improving user experience for all stakeholders. The laboratory of Lappeenranta University of Technology on The HCI/Human Side of Cyber Physical Systems treats The HCI/Human Side of Cyber Physical Systems and human-centric software engineering (coined by Professor Seffah). This lab is a suitable receptacle for user experience works.

The digital economy is characterized by the massive use of digital services, information and data sciences, optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence, for reliability and for improved performance. It concerns all socio-economic activities and all companies, organizations and individuals. This is true for vital and entertainment services, for peoples and nations administration services, for strategic and personal services, for health and industry services. The digital economy is also characterized by a need for risk management, compliance and privacy, requiring advanced security engineering for reasons of economic intelligence, cyberwar, cyberterrorism, cybercrime or cybercrime. In this context, Wilson invests user experience engineering for all stakeholders in order to provide effective solutions to conflict situations between security, usability and business. The user experience is dealt within the paradigm of sociotechnical systems which are defined as multi-stakeholder cyber physical systems. Wilson suggests that it is necessary to leave the beaten path while capitalizing on the experiences and to reinvent itself. Wilson aims to integrate cybersecurity as a principle inherent in the strategy of companies and organizations, and in the management of socio-economic development projects and transformation projects.

Wilson’s current work focuses on the engineering of Criteria (to qualify), Metrics (to quantify) and Design Patterns (to combine skills and training) in order to guarantee and improve the user experience of the all stakeholders in major industrial projects.

The work of Wilson was a candidate for the best paper award at ICEIS-2016.

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