Dr. Annika Wolff is a post-doctoral researcher at Lappeenranta University of Technology. As a member of the Human/HCI Side of Cyber Physical Systems, she is involved in the Digi-Users Research Platform and coordinating the development of the CODER Living Lab, especially the infrastructure for human-data interaction and smart services design. Annika is co-teaching, with Prof. Seffah, diverse courses on user research and design research as well as design patterns for the master program of computer science and software engineering.

She is an active researcher in the newly emerging field of human-data interaction, at the intersection between complex data, machine and human learning. Her research focuses on how people develop expertise to make sense of, interact with, co-design around and learn from complex data. Such data literacy skills are important in an increasingly data-driven society. She uses both tangible and screen-based approaches to engaging people collecting, interacting with and comprehending large datasets.

She has led work in developing and piloting new methods for teaching data literacy skills in UK primary and secondary schools and in understanding how open data can be utilized in education. Other research interests include machine learning and analytics techniques as well as the use of gamification and narratives to motivate human learning. She is also interested in mining data sources for revealing cultural narratives across a city.

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