Masood is a Ph.D. student at Lappeenranta University of Technology. His research is grounded in the theories and practices of software design from the human aspects’ perspective.He focuses on the designers/end-users interactions and their experiences. He is interested in investigations of the human-human relationships, mainly between users and designers, who collaborate throughout the design loops. The ultimate aim of his research is to explain how users may take the role of designers. He wants to show how awareness of human aspects in software design empowers designers to design with users, for users, and by users.
Developing and utilizing a tool called UXModeler help him to structure, classify, and model individual relationships, team-members communications and community members interactions when they are busy with developing a design prototype. The UXModeler combines Social media, Crowdsourcing, and Open Living Labs techniques to form a community of heterogeneous and distributed users and designers. It creates an environment to mediate the communications and collaborations line and at the same time it stimulates collective intelligence and individual creativity.

Beside his studies, Masood is a web developer. His work involves gathering and addressing design requirements as well as developing and maintaining back-end components and cloud web application logics.

Masood is interested in:

  • Software Engineering Design (software design, service design, Global UX design, user-centered design, interaction design, participatory design)
  • Human-Aspects of Software Engineering (HAoSE)
  • User and Design Research
  • User Engagement in Software and Service Design
  • Social-media, Crowdsourcing and Open Living Lab, theories and practices
  • Service Innovation
  • Web and Data Science


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