Bilal Naqvi is a doctoral researcher at Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT, Finland and a member of the HCI-CPS research group. Bilal has 6 years of teaching experience at the university level and holds a full time faculty position in an Engineering University in Pakistan. He is a Registered Software Engineer with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), with an extensive expertise in Information Security including human aspects.

His research focus is on studying the relationships and interdependencies between various software quality attributes with a particular focus on conflicts and trade-offs between usability and security. The aim is to investigate the human experiences (stakeholders and end users) and their interactions with security services and the socio-technical cyber security systems. The practical goal is to identify and document usable security design patterns for addressing the conflict and building a tradeoff. This research involves investigating the human aspects of security, keeping in view the cloud infrastructure and emerging cyber physical systems. The expected outcome is to model and quantify the intimate relationships and conflicts between security and other human attributes such as usability while building a design patterns language.

Bilal is involved in teaching activities at LUT and also assisting the group in the development of CODER Living Lab. Bilal is in charge of the specification and development of the user research studio for field observations and ethnographic studies. He is also involved in large survey on usable security of authentication services. The study is being conducted in various country including Finland, France, Ecuador, Pakistan, Jordan and many others.

Some of his current and recent works include:

  • [BOOK] Ahmed Seffah, Christina Braz, Bilal Naqvi, “Integrating a Usable Security Protocol into User Authentication Services Design Process”, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, Florida 33487, U.S.A. (To be Published in 2018)
  • B. Naqvi, A. Seffah, “Security versus Usability Conflict, A Cyber Security Issue or a Myth?”, in International Journal of Information and Computer Security, Special Issue on Cyber Security Issues and Solutions. (Status: Under review)
  • B. Naqvi, A. Seffah, “Improving Usability of Security, when, why and how: A Pattern Oriented Approach”, in Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS), 2018. (Status: Under review)
  • L. Hasan, B. Naqvi, A. Seffah, ”Adding Measures into Task Models for Usability Inspection of Cloud Access Control Services”, in Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS), 2018. (Status: Under review)